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Fire Hydrant™ Spa Deluxe Hand Held Shower Head


Now you can have all the convenience of a hand held shower - cleaning the shower, washing the dog - without sacrificing power or performance in any way. The Spa Deluxe Hand Held Shower is simply the most powerful hand held shower you can buy anywhere, at any price.

Most people who suffer from low water pressure think that they could never use a hand held shower. It is commonly thought that the hose and other parts would only make their low water pressure problem worse. No more. The Spa Deluxe Hand Held Shower gives you the same power and performance as our Spa Shower Head.

with 59" Hose
$84.50 each
with 78" Hose
$94.50 each

Simple to install and everything is included. Mounts to your shower arm with a fully adjustable solid brass ball joint - not the cheap plastic ones. You can easily aim the spray anywhere in the shower, up-down & right-left. The Glide-Lock Bracket holds the shower handle securely without wiggle, yet the handle easily glides in and out.

The Fire Hydrant™ Spa Deluxe Hand Held Shower with Volume Control is the first hand held shower designed for both low water pressure and water conservation. The solid brass volume control allows you to adjust the water flow - the volume of water coming out of the shower head - to any level you want.  Full flow to a trickle, and everything in between, just by pushing a button. It’s your choice.

Three things all of our shower heads eliminate: misty aerosol-like sprays, sprays that sting, and round circular sprays with no water in the middle.

Backed by our best in the industry, 30 day return policy. Love it or your money back, no questions.

The Fire Hydrant™ Spa Hand Held Shower is designed for all levels of water pressure, terrible to great.

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Price: $84.50
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