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Extension Arm
Too tall. Too short. This extension arm allows you to quickly and easily raise or lower the height of your shower head by over one foot. Made of solid brass, and it just screws on.

The extension arm can only be used with the Fire Hydrant Spa Shower Head. It cannot be used with the Spa Hand Held, Symphony or Presidential models.
$48.50 each
brushed nickel
$68.50 each

Swivel-Jet Faucet Aerator

Anything that you do in your sink - from washing to rinsing to cleaning - can now be done so much quicker and easier, using a lot less water. Direct the flow of water to any part of your sink. Now you can actually use your entire sink. Instantly adjusts from a powerful spray to a soft, no-splash stream. The Swivel-Jet's power makes it absolutely perfect for low water pressure. Has a sediment screen for quick and easy cleaning. Installs in seconds: just screw it on, no tools required. Fits any standard faucet, either inside or outside threads.

white & chrome
$11.95 each
black & chrome
$11.95 each
white & brass
$11.95 each

Swivel-Jet Bathroom Aerator

All the features of the regular Swivel-Jet, but in a slightly smaller size to perfectly fit bathroom sinks. Rinse your sink out in seconds after shaving or brushing your teeth. Outstanding for low water pressure. Simple to clean.
black & chrome
$8.95 each
white & chrome
$8.95 each

Stainless Steel Sink Strainers
The very finest stainless steel sink strainers ever made. They fit your drain better, catch more, are easier to clean and will last 4 times longer then any other strainer you can buy.

They come in four sizes to perfectly fit any drain that you may have.
  • Size #1 fits kitchen sinks and garbage disposals.
  • Size #2 fits stand up shower stalls.
  • Size #3 fits bathtubs, set-tubs and utility sinks.
  • Size #4 fits bathroom sinks.
stainless strainer
$4.95 each

Italian Sink Strainers
Beautiful, practical, colorful. Imported from Italy. Need we say more.
  • Standard Size - fits kitchen sinks, garbage disposals and most bathtub drains. Available in chrome, gold, white, ivory, black, brown, navy blue, light blue, red, pink, orange, yellow and green.
  • Small Size - fits bathroom sinks. Available in white or chrome.
$1.45 each

Volume Control

A very simple way to reduce your water & energy costs. Now, with just the push of a button you can instantly turn your water down, or off, while showering. Then turn it right back on to the same temperature. Perfect while you shampoo, shave, or soap up. You¹ll love it.

Can be used with any shower head. Solid Brass. Please note: this piece was designed to drip slightly when you temporarily turn off the water flow using the on-off push button.
$13.50 each
polished brass
$19.50 each