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  • If you suffer from low water pressure
  • If you have a hard time rinsing the soap off your skin and the shampoo out of your hair
  • If you just want a stronger, more powerful shower
Then here are the shower heads you've been waiting for. Hoping for.
  • No more uncomfortable "pins & needles" type of spray
  • No more round or circular spray patterns with no water in the middle
  • No more "misty" sprays that make rinsing off next to impossible

Shower Heads

Fire Hydrant Spa

The Fire Hydrant Spa Shower Head was designed to solve your problems with low water pressure – regardless of whether you are on a well or have city/town water. You will get a stronger, more powerful and invigorating shower then you ever thought possible. Before you say impossible you must try one.

Our Fire Hydrant Spa Shower Head has been a best seller for over two decades. Now, with our latest model we made it even better.

In terms of performance at any level of water pressure – from excellent to terrible – the Spa Shower Head has no equal anywhere, at any price. And we have tens of thousands of very satisfied customers and the industry's best guarantee to back that up.

The spray is fully adjustable – from several refreshing spray patterns to a powerful invigorating massage, as well as a combination spray and massage setting. The Spa Shower Head has a solid brass ball joint that connects to your shower arm. This allows you to easily position, aim and change the spray angle.

The Fire Hydrant Spa is also available in a Hand Held model.

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"Our Fire Hydrant Shower Head arrived today and it is everything I hoped it was - it's fantastic! It makes me feel as if we've had an entire bathroom renovation. Thanks so much."
Christina D., New York, NY
"I have been in heaven since installing my Fire Hydrant shower head. I love it so much I have printed out the Fire Hydrant page and posted it in my lobby for my neighbors to enjoy better showers as well. Thanks again for the best shower head ever!"
Connie C., Seattle, WA