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  • If you suffer from low water pressure
  • If you have a hard time rinsing the soap off your skin and the shampoo out of your hair
  • If you just want a stronger, more powerful shower
Then here are the shower heads you've been waiting for. Hoping for.
  • No more uncomfortable "pins & needles" type of spray
  • No more round or circular spray patterns with no water in the middle
  • No more "misty" sprays that make rinsing off next to impossible

Shower Heads

Fire Hydrant Spa Deluxe Hand Held

You cannot buy a more powerful and invigorating hand held shower anywhere, at any price – and we guarantee it. From cleaning the shower stall to washing pets nothing beats the convenience and practicality of a hand held shower. Unfortunately until now that convenience came at a very high price – namely a soft, weak shower. Well not anymore. The Spa Deluxe Hand Held Shower gives you all the great features and convenience of a hand held without sacrificing any of the power and performance of a great shower head.

A shower the way you like it. The Fire Hydrant Spa Deluxe Hand Held is fully adjustable – from several refreshing spray patterns to an incredibly powerful & invigorating massage, as well as combination spray and massage settings.

While most hand held showers come with flimsy and stiff plastic hoses, ours all come with Dura-Stretch reinforced metal hoses that actually stretch. Quite simply, they look better, will last longer and have greater flexibility than any other hose on the market today.

The all new Glide-Lock bracket allows you to quickly and easily take the handle in & out – no more struggling or pulling. Once in the bracket the handle fits very securely and does not move. The Glide–Lock bracket has a solid brass ball joint that connects to your shower arm. This allows you to easily position, aim and change the spray angle. Every Glide-Lock bracket is assembled by hand in the US.

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"I was admittedly skeptical but ordered your Fire Hydrant hand held shower head in hopes of at least improving my practically non-existent NYC water pressure and, much to my amazement, IT'S INCREDIBLE!! I really didn't believe a shower head could make this much of a difference."
Sara C., New York, NY
"Thank you for such a wonderful product! I just received our new hand-held Fire Hydrant shower head, and as promised, it was the best shower I have ever had. I can't thank you enough for making such a wonderful product - we are VERY satisfied!"
Joyce F., Amelia, OH