Category: Water Pressure

I have really good water pressure. Can I still use your shower heads?

You certainly can. Our shower heads just get better and better as the water pressure increases. What you cannot do is the opposite, and this is exactly why so many people needlessly suffer with lousy showers. You cannot buy a shower head that was designed for high water pressure – as the vast majority are  – and use them in a low water pressure situation. It just doesn’t work, you will not get a better shower. You’re just wasting your time and money.

Do I need to know my water pressure?

The simple answer is no. You already know that you want a better shower, so don’t get bogged down in technical nonsense.

How do I know if I have low water pressure?

There are no specific numbers or ratings for this, so let’s keep it simple: if you are unhappy with your current shower and wished it were stronger, more powerful & more invigorating then in fact you have low water pressure. If it takes you forever to rinse the shampoo & conditioner out of your hair then in fact you have low water pressure. Low water pressure is not a number, it is a desire to get a better shower.


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