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WIll your shower shower heads fit my shower?

Our shower heads all fit the standard size 1/2 inch thread, and are simple to install. Should you have questions with the installation just give us a call.  We can even walk you through the installation over the phone.

I have always wanted a hand held shower but I have really bad water pressure. Won’t a hand held shower make my situation even worse.

The Spa Shower Head and the Spa Deluxe Hand Held use the same shower head. We simply designed one model as a hand held. In fact, in terms of both power and performance, you will you get the exact same shower using either model. There is no drop off or degradation in power or performance if you use the Spa Deluxe Hand Held Shower versus the Spa Shower Head.

You sell three models of shower heads. Which one is right for me?

We have designed three models because our customers have 3 types of low water pressure:
  1. Some of our customers have really poor, if not terrible water pressure. We designed the Spa and the Spa Hand Held for them.
  2. Some of our customers have moderately poor, below average water pressure. We designed the Symphony for them.
  3. Some of our customers have average, slightly below average water pressure. For them we designed the Presidential.
The rules above are meant to help you. They are not always hard & fast. Please, if you have questions or need human help, email or call us.

Tell me something about your shower heads and their design.

We design our shower heads to get the shampoo and conditioner out of long thick hair,  even if you are plagued with very low water pressure. Every model is designed to maximize both water volume and water velocity. You absolutely need both when you have low water pressure. Water volume without velocity would be a very soft, rain style shower head. Water velocity without volume would be like trying to shower with a water pistol. Put on one of our shower heads and see for yourself. You’ll be singing in the shower in no time.

I have lousy water pressure and I have bought many shower heads over the years, each time hoping to get a good shower. Each time I have been disappointed. Why should I try your products.

It’s all in the design, backed up by 25+ years of experience and tens of thousands of very happy & clean customers throughout the world. Think of car tires. A tire that you would buy for driving in ice & snow would certainly be designed differently then a tire designed for highway driving in Florida. The same is true for shower heads. If you have low water pressure you cannot buy a shower head that was designed for high water pressure.

Many shower heads claim to be good for low water pressure. How do I decide?

So true. We are in fact the only company designing shower heads specifically for low water pressure, and we have been in business for over 25 years. Everyone else is simply selling some shower head from some manufacturer and then claiming they are good for low water pressure. 99% of the time these other claims are flat out false.

I have very low water pressure. Will your shower heads help me get a good shower, get the shampoo & conditioner out of my hair?

Yes, our shower heads will do exactly that because they are specifically designed from the ground up for low water pressure. When it comes to shower heads it is not one size fits all. If you have low water pressure you have to buy a shower head that is designed for low water pressure, otherwise you are simply wasting your time and money.

Do you sell parts for your shower heads, should I ever need something in the future?

Yes, we have a parts department and stock anything you may ever need.  We also have a full service department that can quickly repair anything that we sell. No other company in this industry offers that. Try taking your current shower head back to where you purchased it from and ask for parts or the repair department.

Is your Spa Deluxe Hand Held Shower easy to install?

Yes, installation is a snap and it comes with everything you need. You do not need to purchase anything else. We designed it so that anyone could install it.


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