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  • If you suffer from low water pressure
  • If you have a hard time rinsing the soap off your skin and the shampoo out of your hair
  • If you just want a stronger, more powerful shower
Then here are the shower heads you've been waiting for. Hoping for.
  • No more uncomfortable "pins & needles" type of spray
  • No more round or circular spray patterns with no water in the middle
  • No more "misty" sprays that make rinsing off next to impossible


Extension Arm

Too tall. Too short. This extension arm allows you to quickly and easily raise or lower the height of your shower head by over one foot. Made of solid brass, and it just screws on.
The extension arm can only be used with the Fire Hydrant Spa Shower Head. It cannot be used with the Spa Hand Held, Symphony or Presidential models.

"Not many products live up to the expectations of their clients - this one has and more. I will never buy another shower head for the rest of my life without the WM (Fire Hydrant) seal of approval. I'm a customer for life."
Frank P., Markham, Ontario, Canada
"I installed my new shower head and it is FANTASTIC! Many of us in the Caribbean have trouble with water pressure. I am terribly pleased with myself to have found you and solved my problem!!"
Joy L., St. Maarten